November 22, 2016

What’re You Listening to? V1.00

I’ve been listening a lot recently, especially to Coldplay. I love how they take their time and ooze melody. Every single one of their songs has a singable, hummable melody. They’re melodies that you’ll remember. X&Y has been on repeat as well as their recent release, A Head Full of Dreams. Of course, Fix You is just perfect but I also love White Shadows as well. 

I’ve been interested in the life and music of Noel Gallagher. He’s an interesting character, plagued by his own sense of self and his seemingly ever-growing ego. I enjoy watching interviews of him and, through that, his music. I wasn’t old enough to really understand the craze with Oasis, but after hearing so much about them and how revolutionary they were I thought it only necessary that I check them out. I’ve started with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and their self-titled release.  It sounds old UK rocky, but I really need to listen a little more to make some kind of decision about it.

Next are my buddies in Naughty ProfessorThey just released a track called Stray with David Shaw of the Revivalists and it’s killer. Take a listen. And as Naughty would say… until the next time…

x Sam